Advanced technology, closer connections
HR is about connecting the right people. On Radahr you won’t only match the best applicants to companies, you will build bridges with your clients.

Swift job offering

Build relationships
beyond a contract

Easily connect with HR managers  from all areas of industry and all types of companies. Intensify your client relationships through our seamless collaboration flow. Stay a step ahead of the crowd by becoming a preferred partner and enjoy a time advantage for every published vacancy.

Target new markets

Seamless and intuitive collaboration flow

Time advantage through preferred partnerships

easy follow up

Always stay
on top of things

Recruiters have to juggle a lot of things at the same time, following up on different vacancies, applicants, clients. With Radahr, juggling will suddenly be a lot easier.  You get a crystal-clear view on all the vacancies and applicants and know exactly which actions to take. Got a match? Then the lead is automatically attributed to you.

Stay in sync with all applicants and vacancies

Undisputed attribution of succesfull matches

Handy and effective collaboration tools

Quality and quantity

real-time insights

The million-dollar question for any recruiter: How can you determine the perfect match for your client? With Radahr you gain insight into the quality of your applicants, beyond the point of hiring. How are they doing after a week, month? That’s what speaks volumes and helps you fill vacancies faster. Get a bird's eye view on your organisation.

Valuable feedback on the quality of applicants

Bird's eye view on your organisation

Easily evaluate client relations