Centralize all your recruitment channels
and processes.
We use advanced technology to put people first. It is our mission to make recruitment extremely efficient with one centralized platform.

From now on, publishing job offers is peanuts. Spreading the word to suppliers and your own media only takes a minute. You always keep track of all your candidates, even after they start working. Welcome to a new world of HR.
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Swift job offering

New vacancies
online in no time

Publishing a job offer can be much easier. By minimizing the administration, the focus can be put on the things that really matter, such as talent management. Say goodbye to mindless copy pasting. Say hello to user-friendly job posting.

Save time with template-based publishing

Custom recruitment steps on the fly

Integrate your favourite HR tools

Expand your reach

Blazing fast publishing
on +500 channels

It has never been easier to reach candidates through ALL channels. Radahr is your window to the world. Advertise your job offer on every possible platform in a flash, from job platforms to your own website and social media. You have unlimited access to recruiter partnerships without all the extra follow-up. It has never been easier to work together with any and many recruitment agencies.

Intuitive selection procedure TOOL

Selection procedures crystal clear

Whether you are trying to fill only a few vacancies or a few hundred, Radahr offers you a clear overview of all your applicants. No more duplicate presentations as we make sure a candidate is only presented to you once. An automated feedback flow keeps everyone in the loop while calling attention where actions are needed.

Applicants status at a glance

Unique feedback flow

Get colleagues easily involved

Easy as pie onboarding

Take recruitement
beyond hiring

Job position filled, mission accomplished! Well, not exactly. How is your new colleague doing in those first few weeks, months, years after being hired? That’s what really proves the quality of an applicant and of the recruitment partner. Stay on top of it all with our platform.